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If you think going on gym workouts and switching vegan are extreme ways of losing weight, then probably you will love getting a hot steam bath in a sauna. Taking at least 15 minute sauna every day gives the same benefits as to regular exercises, says Japanese scientists.


So if you’re a bit lazy doing exercise craze, then sauna will turn out fine.


Researchers at Kagoshima University conducted a study on a group of men at risk from heart disease and were surprised with the results. After two weeks of regular sauna news, the group had significant changes in their arteries and blood flow. The results make them conclude that daily sauna may improve the damage to the blood vessels.

The hot temperature in a sauna room raises your body temperature which causes you to sweat even more. Elevated temperatu ... Read more »

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Saunas are not new. They’ve been here for uhmmm… centuries?


The number of people who install home infrared saunas is increasing all over the world since the h ... Read more »

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Instead of buying expensive furniture and experiment on costly home renovation, why don't you consider installing an indoor or home sauna? It's one of the best decisions you'll make if you have the money and resources to do it.


Besides the aesthetic features, saunas can do a lot in improving your health without leaving your home. There are a variety of options to installing a home sauna. You'll find a list of credible people selling saunas.


Indoor saunas have flat ceiling panels instead of a roof. There are precut sauna packages that include all the add-ons such as heater, lights door, flooring and water dipper. 


There's also a pre-built sauna that will save you time from constructing. The other type is  portable or "knockdown" sauna.You could also opt for infrared sauna which is the most modern today.


It's ver ... Read more »

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About 1000 people joined the Sauna Marathon last February 2015. It's one of the funniest marathons in Estonia where competitors run to find the most number of saunas. Dipping in an ice hole and swimming in hot pool earns them a bonus point.


It's definitely a hot-and-cold survival game with hot tub as its prize.


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Saunas are built for people to enjoy relaxation and socialization. However, several businesses such as CS2  in Nottingham, UK makes sauna as den gor gay men to have casual sex.


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Middle-aged men must consider having a steaming hot sauna bath to improve their health and prolong their life.


Scientists link sauna to prolonged life of middle-aged men by reducing the risk of heart attack up to 63 percent. A study conducted among 2,315 men aged 42 to 60 from eastern Finland supports this theory.


A surprising number of men who use sauna regularly have no or little trace of heart problems. Those who visit sauna four to seven times a week have the lowest percentage of cardiac death. Although researchers have not identified what is exactly causing the health boost, they believe that the relaxing environment in sauna rooms reduces stress and contributes to better health. 





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