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10:21 AM
Hot Saunas are Beneficial to your Brain

Saunas are not new. They’ve been here for uhmmm… centuries?


The number of people who install home infrared saunas is increasing all over the world since the health benefits are strikingly attractive. And to crack a trivia: a lot of athletes are bringing home their own sauna.



We’ve heard a lot of studies being pursued by researchers as this sauna stuff is interesting to cover. We already know how sauna improves the blood circulation, lowers chances of heart disease, and clears up skin.


And to add to those lists, neuroscientists found out sauna’s good effect on brain cells.




Whooahh! Does it mean you can be more intelligent when you take sauna or spend few hours inside?


Just like exercise, spending time inside a sauna room helps release proteins in the brain known as BDNF. These proteins activate the brain cells to produce new neurons and other chemicals to promote brain health. It also protects the neuro motors against degradation. This neuromotor (although too technical to discuss) is the most critical element in your muscle, that’s why it should not be taken for granted.



Physical workout induces you to sweat and sauna use does this as well. Keeping yourself active and sweating out (through sauna use) can support your BDNF to reverse brain degeneration and age-related muscle atrophy. Interestingly, higher temperatures can even increase the BDNFs.


Another hormone that benefits from sauna is the norepinephrine. This hormone does a lot of things: it increases focus and attention, promote myelin growth, helps brain to be fully functioning, and repairs damaged nerve cells. Saunas also give endorphins a boost.


If you’re thinking of buying a home sauna, then why not do it today? It’s one of the best investments for your health. Come to think how much you would spend on costly hospital stay and medications versus a one-time payment for a home infrared sauna. 

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